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28 August 2009 @ 08:56 pm
the decisions we make will stick with us
right ?

15 April 2009 @ 10:01 pm
am bored of lj & having no tag board so i guess i'll be shifting around bs.

14 April 2009 @ 03:18 am

i only just realized that im officially starting school in like 6 days , that's like less than a week , omg omg omg , and i got tuition everyday from tuesday all the way to saturday ): so basically i gonna pack everything in, arghhhhhhhhhh . *bangs head on wall*

and if that't not bad enough i've been stuffing my face with alot of food at home , my weight starts is like 5* . and i'd totally be fine with it if i was tall but omg because im so short weight gain is soooooooooo noticible . okay no link i know .

back to the school shock , omg how am i gonna crawl up ): look at the time now, it's 3 and i dont even feel sleepy and i probably wont until its like 4 plus ): and i need to wake up early tomorrow ! although tomorrow is fine with me regarding waking up at 10 , heh .

okay so that's the bad stuff on the bright side, i spend a whole day with my boyf exploring tamp1 and it's well, not bad but very cold . lol ! && i got myself this superrrrr nice bag , totally not like the round one i was looking for, but the colour me likes !

to top it off, i have test papers to get through ! goodnight/morning !
07 April 2009 @ 01:31 am
I just wanna kiss you
But I can't right now so baby kiss me thru the phone

met baby around 3plus today cause he woke up and fell back asleeppppppppp . headed to lido first to check movie timings but so sad f&f4 the show timing is like at 11 plus, so late , zzzzzzzzzz . so anyway headed down to fareast to look for a bag baby wanted to buy . along the way i saw this super nice dumpling bag , omgomgomg but upon closer inspection, it actually looks very wierd , so i didnt get it . but at least baby found a sling he likes !

then then , i brought him to this noodle stall at the tippytop of fareast that i-cant-rmb-who brought me there a very long time ago which i still remember has very very nice noodles ! and since today was monday it was super empty , shiok ! the last time i went still had to wait for seats =,=

i love love love the noodles pls ! like can totally finish it ALL !

okay , i know the portion abit small for you , no need give that face !

then then we walked around some more and went for dessert at slice, this dessert place all the way at the basement level. baby had this thing called MajorCrush which is the oreo-ish thingy and i had FirstDate which is this grapey thingy quite nice and not too overpowering , you know, like most desserts, the more you eat the more you get sick of it kinda feeling ? this one doesnt, heh !

no pictures cause by the time i remembered we already finished eating (:

then then headed to cine to get stuff for my sister
walked past cineff and ended up buying pretty pink slippers ! baby bought a black/red pair !
then cause shinjuku incident, am a jackie chan fan, but in the movie he's like the goodbuy among the bad guy and omg when they chop off the guys hand in the chestnut roaster, omg  ): i like to eat the roasted chestnuts one leh ):

anyway, headed home after the movie (:

simple but happy (:
31 March 2009 @ 01:57 am
 omg i had my btt today and i bet you're wondering...

did i ?Collapse )
29 March 2009 @ 12:04 am
it was awhile back but happy 17th baby , i love you .

27 March 2009 @ 02:54 am
been cramming like crazy cause i can't remember anything.
hi baby , hope i pass tomorrow okay , omgomgomgomgomg !

goodnight !
26 March 2009 @ 10:40 pm
omg i was watching taboo just now and omg, drinking your own pee ? would you ? sigh, and while i was eating dinner too.

and organ trading, i actually dont think there's anything wrong with it . its just like anything else, you sell something and get something in return . illegal or not , i still dont think it's wrong, not when the money can make the difference between living in a slum and living in a nice place . and if you have money, you dont have to wait as patient number 12654382476239462 to get a transplant . to me, buying a kidney is better than hoping your donor will faster die so that you can get a kidney . ( i mean like usually people agree to donate their organs after they die right? ) okay so maybe this might discourage people from donating voluntarily, but honestly, how many people actually do that (people still alive i mean) . and the excuse people give to discourage it is that the poor are exploited , so how come nothing's done to help them . they dont sell, they live their whole life in poverty , they sell they have a chance at a better live if they use the money properly .

okay i know this post is damn random , but there was this super obnoxious lady who was totally against it on tv and i can't help but rant too.

  im gonna go study now . bye .
22 March 2009 @ 11:03 pm

simple and sweet , them photos will speak (:
tuition.steamboat.esplanade.merlion.fullerton/boatquay.home !
mazin.hongping.crystal.caili.shawn.eugene.me !

let's see, i had tuition in the morning until afternoon , went to run some errands for my mum then met up with mazin and headed towards bugis where we joined hongping , waited for cryst because there was some train disruption thing going on at that time then headed to the steamboat place cause we were all hungry !

them who eat spicy and them who do not !

never been to suntec or whattttttttttttttt ? haha

caili joined us halfway through and shawn too when we were almost done eating. then we headed to esplanade cause it was quite near anyway ! took pictures along the way, snapping pictures here and there (:

more outings like these please !

shawn hongping mazin caili !

nice lights or what !

anyway, we ended up at the merlion that got struck by lightning cause caili was super curious about it and waited there for eugene, chatted and slacked before walking over to fullerton/boatquay so that caili & guys could meet their friend then us girls went homeeeeee ! i think these meetups are really great and superb for catching up with each other , let's please please do this more often !

*still a number of photos missing cause they're in hongp's cam !

next week is super packed , & omg i need to send my laptop back to fujitsu again ):